★The Human’s continent 'Crise'

At the beginning stage, the main stage of the game is 'Crise' located in the Northeastern part.

At the jungle area of Crise, a powerful military continent Millena based on the material civilization exists,

and at the high mountain area at the Southern part spirit based civilization, magical republic Rain exists.

Between Millena and Rain, there is a large undeveloped plane and this area is called the Lette Plane by every civilization

(The monster, Millena and Rain civilization)

Lette plane is the production area of the most important resource

Elda Stone, so all the civilization competes at this area in order to get more elda stone as possible.

Elda Stone’

Elda stone is a oval shaped mineral with 3 shinging points discovered by Elda Tillother at A.U. 1302,

and it is mainly discovered at the corpse of the monster, animal, and plants.

Even though the scholars had been devoting their time and effort, the nature of this energy source is still unknown.

One elda stone has three source of energy which is consisted with 1 polygon formed object and 1 core.

The energy source is connected with core inside the polygon, and the unknown energy source tends to combine when other elda stone is near.

With numerous experiments, we had developed the technology to cut the combination line of core and the energy source and other elda stone,

and we found out that when the line is cut the core collapses and destroys the polygon object and the energy inside the polygon object opens.

The engine run by this energy is the power that runs this city called elda engine.

Elda engine is environmentally friendly, safe, and efficient enough to provide all the energy demand of our city.

In addition, when a naturally combined 2 elda stnoe’s combination line is disconnected, the outer wall,

core and the energy source is lost and the polygon object’s each phase combines and creates a new material.

Using these phenomenons, we developed technologies to process the polygon subjects of the elda stone,

and made it possible to use elda stone as raw material of construction, weaponry, and tool.