While in-game, we expect all players to have a basic respect and understanding for other community members and the Deco Online Team.

Everyone who plays Deco Online should be able to do so without having to fear hostility or disrespect.

The following set of rules is provided to further outline our expectations when it comes to in-game conduct.

Spamming or flooding of chats or loudspeakers is forbidden.

Using language or sharing links featuring content that can be considered lewd or offensive is not allowed under any circumstances.

Insults or discriminatory statements towards or about players are not allowed.

This includes insults or discrimination against a player or group based on Religion, Race or Ethnic Origin, Sexual Orientation, Gender or Gender Preference, Disability or Age.

Insults towards GM is not allowed and will to account blocked from the game service such as support and may lead to account restricted or deleted.

Pretending to be the GM/company/employee, etc. Permanent account ban will be applied

Advertisement of any kind is forbidden on our servers. This includes but is not limited to games or applications not published by Shadow Entertainment and its subsidiaries, websites and more.

Sharing and exploitation of bugs are not allowed on our servers. Bugs that have been found must be reported to customer support immediately or it will lead to the banning of your account.

Utilizing 3rd party software to gain an advantage of players can lead to the banning of your account. This includes but is not limited to Macros, Botting programs, and more.

Imitation former or current staff members is not allowed.

Disruption of all events is not permitted. This includes GM events, server events and utilizing automated events in a manner that was not intended (i.e killing an NPC that is intended to be protected).

Intentionally disrupting the flow of the game is not allowed. This includes but is not limited to spawning multiple NPC's to create lag and preventing players from completing their quests.

Intentionally spreading misinformation to harm other players or the Deco Online staff is not allowed.

Sharing the personal information of another player is considered a serious offense. This includes but is not limited to their name, address, account details, or other confidential information.

Sharing of account passwords is a violation of our Terms of Service agreement and the staff of Deco Online will have no obligation to provide support to that account.

Buying or accepting any virtual goods including virtual currency or services (such as power leveling or gold buying) through 3rd party providers is not allowed.

In cases users do not violate any rules or regulations, the Operations Team will not intervene in disputes between users.

The character with a name that impersonates or gives the impression of official company representatives, GM's, or other Company’s employees and names that resemble or may cause confusion with GM names already in existence will be deleted after 7 days from creating character unless character name changed.

Defaming rules

Defaming will have the following penalties.

For example: P1 is defaming P2.

First time: P1 receives a -10% fame points and a 3-day ban

Second time: P1 receives a -20% fame points and a 5-day ban

Third time: P1 receives a -30% fame points and a 7-day ban.

In all cases, the player being defamed will receive a permanent ban

Resurrecting afk players to kill them.

An example to demonstrate the scenario:P1 is afk and dead. P2 resurrects P1 then P3 kills P1 and/or P2.

First time: P1, P2, and P3 receive a 3-day ban and -5000 fame points.

Second time: P1, P2, and P3 receive a 5-day ban and -10000 fame points.

Third time: P1, P2, and P3 receive a 7-day ban and -15000 fame points.

System Abuse Rules

If a user is found to be abusing a bug or system glitch, the user may have his account restricted or deleted.

Listed below are similar instances in which similar action may be taken.

If a user is found to be inducing or encouraging particular behavior with the intent of placing undue stress on the systems.

If a user discovers a bug and, instead of reporting it directly to a GM or Customer Support, tells it to other users or utilizes the bug to obtain benefits in the game which the user knew, or should have known, were not intended to be provided.

If a user gets a profit directly or indirectly from the exploitation of a bug.

Users found to be using or distributing illegal programs may be subject to restrictions of their accounts or have their accounts deleted. In particular cases, the user may be subject to investigation by the proper authorities.

Hacking Rules

Any act aimed at negatively affecting the smooth running of the games is also prohibited, especially overloading the provider’s systems.In particular, the following acts are prohibited:

using or advertising tools which interfere with scoring or the course of play (so-called “bots”, “hacks” or “cheats”).

completely or partially blocking, overwriting, diverting or modifying the games and content made available by the provider.

deliberating exploiting programming errors for personal gain (so-called “exploits”) .

Accounts restricted or deleted will be a penalty.

Example: Party Hack.

Penalty: All the party Accounts restricted or deleted will be a penalty.

Example: Move Speed and Map Hack.

Penalty: Player Accounts restricted or deleted will be a penalty.


I got a ban and I don't use any kind of hacks!

If you share your account with someone who used CE or any kind of hacks, your account will get a ban because our system detects if it logged in from the same IP of the CE/Hack user. Also, in the case of VPN, the generated IPs will be compiled and collected and the accounts used through them will be banned as well.

Our system records IPs for users who also scam players by impersonating GMs. They claim they are GMs who can create and craft items to sell for money. They ask for account information to craft items even though GMs do NOT need this information.

The system will ban all accounts with the IP(s) without any notice.

Role and Duties of the GM

The GM (game master or operator) understands the operation policy and conducts his or her role to provide an optimal environment for the stable and enjoyable playing of the game service by members.

The GM receives reports of all forms of bugs that can occur.

The GM may restrict members who have violated the operation policy based on the operation policy.

The GM shall not be involved in disputes between members. However, restrictions may be set such as limited use of forced game ending when necessary for regular operations.

The GM replies to customer inquiries and requests as fast as possible in the most polite manner. However, replies may be limited regarding information that cannot be revealed because of the game plan.

The GM does not ask for the personal information of members such as ID (account) or password and does not randomly revise or leak personal information. However, in case a judicial organization makes an official request for cooperation, the formal process of providing information may be conducted.

In case a situation not mentioned above arises and the GM considers it necessary for smooth game operation, the GM may take appropriate measures according to the regulations of the game shared by the GM and game users.

The Deco Online team will determine the penalty for rule violations. Under no circumstances will not items lost during suspension be replaced.

The player is not entitled to a reimbursement or replacement of time lost on during an account suspension.

Deco Online team reserves the right to modify these game rules at any time. You will find further rules of conduct here with our Naming Convention Rules.

These rules do not replace the Terms of Use, rather they add to them. If anything is allowed per general terms business terms but prohibited by specific game rules, the specific game rules apply.

Shadow Entertainment Co., Ltd. ("Company") and the Operations Team will not be held responsible for any damages or problems arising from a failure on the user's part to familiarize themselves with notices and announcements made by Deco Online.