DECO Patch 1.8

Hello DECO fighters,

We’d like to announce Game Patch Note

Fame Items requirements reduced from 800k to 600k fame
Increased Base HP for In-Game classes
Fixed Select Charchar
Fixed In-Game Windows (Inventory/others), able to move it to any place at your screen
Fixed Slayer Counts skills
Fixed Pet Exp +500
Language Support added to the game launcher ( English available for now )
Download our new game launcher :!WAliAALY!KH3CyxMHetUqXhcmlXQjYJ24S7_F0AxKkhGV9dzQ484

[ Wars ]

Gordo Canyon is closed
Argore Heights Levels Changed
Min Level: 70
Max Level: 100
Argore Heights Fame Increased
Win Rate: x4 fame point to the winner nation
Kill Rate: x3 fame point from killing your enemy

Argore Heights Times Changed

[ Website ]

New option: Restore deleted character's ( Require 1000 DP )
New option: Change the character's job/nation ( Require 1000 DP )
New option: Change your character's Name ( Require 550 DP )

Best Regards,
DECO online Team

Thank you to everyone in the DECO community for your previous and continued feedback and support.
We are looking forward to providing more.
Shadow Entertainment