DECO Patch 2.0

Hello DECO fighters,
We’d like to announce Game Patch Note


# Fixed client crash while taking a Screen shoot
# Fixed Some items effect


- Gordo Canyon closed
- Old teleport of Argore heights battlefield has been disabled
- The new way to enter Argore heights is with Argore heights battlefield ticket and teleport by Warlord Migos at Mosivil ( NPC Located at Moshivil, Old Argore Heights teleport location )

# How to obtain Argore heights battlefield ticket?
- You can obtain Argore heights battlefield ticket from Kabala Dump, Tears of Destroyer, Holy land of Armis, and Celestial Hills monsters.

# Argore heights battlefield Times
- 22:00 | 02:00 | 06:00 | 10:00 | 14:00 | 18:00 DECO Standard time.
Citation: Don't use Argore heights battlefield ticket before the start announcement or you will lose your ticket and you will get teleported back to your town.

# New Argore heights battlefield Map!
- New map design
- Powerful crystals
- No way to run away
- New monster protecting the crystal that drops eld

# Argore heights battlefield Rewards
- Gold Bar which it can give you a 10,000,000 Elda once you exchange x3 with Warlord Migos NPC
- Blessed Magic Fluid can exchange at flower fairy NPC for powerful boxes
- Killing the enemy inside with reward x4 fame
- Winner nation reward x2 fame

# Argore heights battlefield Requirements
- Min Level: 70
- Max Level: 100
- Argore heights battlefield ticket

# Available Tiers
- Tier 1
- Tier 2
- Tier 3 is coming after few hours
- Tier 4 is coming after few hours
- Tier 5 is coming after few hours

[ Event ] Back to school

- Discount 50% at School skins prices at Item-Mall
- Charge Deco Point with a 100% bonus for the first-time charge for 3 day
- Charge Deco Point with a 100% bonus for all the payment option for 3 day

[ Upcoming Update ]
- New Hack Shield
- New Gordo Canyon System
- New Tiers
- New Systems

Best Regards,
DECO online Team

Thank you to everyone in the DECO community for your previous and continued feedback and support.
We are looking forward to providing more.
Shadow Entertainment