Deco Online Patch Version 2.3

Hello DECO fighters,

We’d like to announce Game Patch Note


- Improved map hack security

- Card item drop removed from the in-game monsters

- New teleport to Celestial Hills and Crude Dungeon maps available at Holy Land of Armis

- Removed Ancient Key from the game ( New key will drop )

- Changed Arogre Heights Map to the old the map design

- Argore heights battlefield Rewards will now give Ancient Key as an extra reward

[ WebSite ]

- New FAQ system available

Deco Online FAQ

[ In-Game Items ]

- Reworked In-Game items names

- Reworked In-Game Armors, Weapons, Hats, Stones, and Recovery Potion

- New Hats require 30.000 & 60.000 fame available In-Game

- In-Game Hats 30, 60, 150, and 300k fame available Rantana NPC

- New shields Lv 95 & 100 require 250.000 & 300.000 fame point

- In-Game 500.000 fame Hat & Weapon drop and 250.000 & 300.000 Shields drop at Crude Dungeon


- New In-Game Craft system

> Crafting +1 will require 1st-Order Fortification, Crafting +2 will require 2nd-Order Fortification...........etc

- How to obtain Order Fortification?

> Order Fortification will drop at In-Game MAP ( Except Dungeon MAPS will not drop Order Fortification )


> Monster Lv10 ~ 19 will drop Lv 1 Order Fortification

> Monster Lv60 ~ 69 will drop Lv 6 Order Fortification


- Lv 9 & 10 Order Fortification drop at Holy Land of Armis & Celestial Hills

- Old Order stone converted to the new order Fortification

- New Super Order Fortification

> Increase 10%, 20%, 30%,....etc probability to enhancement items grade by two levels if it enhancement success

> Old Critical Dice enchantment converted to the new Super Order Fortification with the same %

- Extended Weapon & Armor enchantment Lv to Lv10

> +S converted to the corresponding + they represent

> Ex: Weapon 94 +1,+2,+3,+4,+S ( S = +5 )

> Note: increase enchantment level ( + ) will increase the required fame & Level for the items

- Mix Stone Lv12 available at the game now

- How to obtain Mix Stone Lv12?

> To create Mix Stone Lv12, a player requires to get Raw Elda Stone Lv12

- How to obtain Raw Elda Stone Lv12?

> To obtain Raw Elda Stone Lv12 player requires to get 10 Holy Proima, 10 Mystical Elda Stone powder, and 10000000 Eld

> Then at Elbonseutom or Eljaseura NPC and choose: Create Raw Elda Stone

- How to obtain Holy Proima and Lv12 Raw Eldastone Powder?

> Holy Proima and Lv12 Raw Eldastone Powder Drop by bosses at the following maps

> Holy Land Of Armis

> Temple Of Armis

> Land Of The Curse

> Celestial Hills

> Crude Dungeon

Complete Patch Note at Deco Online Patch Version 2.3

Who have problem with Arogre Heights Map Please visit : Deco Online Faq

Or you can download last deco online version from : Deco Online Download Section

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DECO online Team

Thank you to everyone in the DECO community for your previous and continued feedback and support.
We are looking forward to providing more.
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