Deco Online Patch Version 2.6

Hello DECO fighters,

We’d like to announce Game Patch Note


- Fixed Thorn Brush Skill


- New Origin of Water, Origin of Wind, Origin of Fire, Origin of Ground available at the game

- New 5 Stars-Order Fortification available to craft at Arcbot NPC

- Weapon and armor +10 now tradeable 

- In-Game Items ( HP, SP/MP, Scrolls, weapons, and armor ) now tradeable

- Item-Mall items become untradeable

- New tier available at the website


- New Vera Wing available

- New Swordian Wing available

- New Prestige Wings available

- New Greatful Wings available

- New Skin Sets available

- Raw Elda Stone Lv 10 ~ 12 pack available at In-Game Item Mall with a limited amount

[ Black Friday Event ]

- Charge Deco Point with a 150% bonus for PayPal option for 7 day

- Charge Deco Point with a 100% bonus for PaymentWall option for 7 day

- Charge Deco Point with a 100% bonus for Egyptian option for 7 day


- It’s DECO ONLINE is 2nd anniversary and we Preparing a variety of events to commemorate this Day.

[ WebSite ]

- New FAQ system available


Best Regards,

DECO online Team

Thank you to everyone in the DECO community for your previous and continued feedback and support.
We are looking forward to providing more.
Shadow Entertainment