Prelude of the Fall update

Hello DECO fighters,
"Holy Land of Seal" update ups the level cap to 110.
Players can now reach an increased level cap of 110 and deck themselves out in the newly-added Ruin and Seal item sets, and they might just need that extra power to survive the Holy Land of Seal.
To get to the Holy Land of Seal, also known as Dasrinen, players at level 83 and above will need to complete a series of entrance quests provided by NPCs in the two major towns.
Finishing the quests will earn players a Stone of Wise Man and grant them access to the new area. Additional Stones of Wise Man can be found in Dasrinen, so players should be sure to grab another one if they want to make a second trip!
The Holy Land of Seals five dungeons, the Hells of Pain, Silence, Fire, Ruin, and Seal, are some of the most challenging areas found in Deco Online, but the rewards they hold are worth taking a few risks.
Killing the bosses of each area can earn players Emblems, rare items that unlock the true power of the new Ruin and Seal item sets.
In addition, players can acquire a copy of a Sealed Holy Bible from the ruler of the final dungeon, an artifact that holds the secret to powerful skills never before seen in the kingdoms of Milena and Rain.
To celebrate the opening of the Holy Land of Seal, we launched the 200% Item-Drop Event For 7 days, for Deco Online.
Item-Drop Event should provide players the world over, from new adventurers to veterans hoping to reach the increased level cap in record time, with a very happy New Year in Deco Online!

We hope that many of you will participate.

Thank you and happy gaming everyone~!!!

Thank you to everyone in the DECO community for your previous and continued feedback and support.
We are looking forward to providing more.
Shadow Entertainment