Game Patch Note of 29th April 2020

Hello DECO fighters,

We have beautiful news for you again


- Tier spender reset
- New tier spender updated at :
:pushpin: Tier 1 will be available for 10 days then will be closed and tier 2 will be available.... etc
- Reworked old names colors and added new colors added
- Updated new game guard security
- Security patch.
- New game client available to download at :link:
( Require to download to enter the game world )

Stay-Home Event

Extended Burning Time: 200% additional Exp till 8-May
Extended Drop Time: 200% additional Drop Rate till 8-May
Extended Party Time: 100% additional Party Exp till 8-May

Charge Event

• Extended charge 'Deco Point' event till 8-May
:pushpin: 150% bonus for PayPal
:pushpin: 100% bonus for Payment-wall
:pushpin: 100% bonus for Egyptian


[Bug Abuse]
- If a user is found to be abusing a bug or system glitch, the user may have his account restricted or deleted.
- Listed below are similar instances in which similar action may be taken.
1. If a user discovers a bug and, instead of reporting it directly to a GM or Customer Support,
tells it to other users or utilizes the bug to obtain benefits in the game which the user knew,
2. If a user is found to be inducing or encouraging particular behavior with the intent of placing undue stress on the systems.
or should have known, were not intended to be provided.
3. If a user gets a profit directly or indirectly from the exploitation of a bug.
4. Users found to be using or distributing illegal programs may be subject to restrictions of their accounts or have their accounts deleted.

- If a user is found using any kind of 3rd part tools ( Cheat engine - Mouse record ......etc) his account will be restricted or deleted.

No more warning or ban for days

The Journey Continues! everyone
Deco Team

Thank you to everyone in the DECO community for your previous and continued feedback and support.
We are looking forward to providing more.
Shadow Entertainment